Our Founder – Eric Span

Etheric Skin Care was founded by Eric Span, a native of Chicago now residing in San Diego. He has 25+ years experience as a chef, and has also trained extensively in the use of aromatherapy and the use of essential oils. He understands the impact and importance of the freshest ingredients, and how to devise combinations that bring out the best properties of each ingredient.

When Eric’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, it sent a shock through the family. She’d never engaged in any activities that would bring on the disease, and so Eric began exploring the possible effects of food and skin care products loaded with chemicals. While many products have been cleared for the market, the reality is that many don’t have an extensive amount of time to be tested.

Using his culinary and aromatherapy training, Eric began experimenting with all natural ingredients to devise alternative solutions to answer the needs of those around him. Soon, family members and friends were calling with more specific requests, from addressing the aches and pains that occur after workout sessions, to the pain associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

“Creating a lotion is essentially the same process as creating a sauce,” explains Eric. “Emulsification happens when you make a lotion just as it does when you make a Béarnaise sauce. So I started to create formulas, or recipes, for products that addressed the things I was experiencing with my friends and family.”

Not only did Eric’s creations ease pain, they were keeping skin soft and healthy; and people loved the scent of each creation. Soon, Etheric Skin Care was born.

Etheric Skin Care is dedicated to creating healthy, all-natural products that give people confidence and peace of mind that what they’re using to care for themselves is as beneficial for them as the activities that power their bodies.

To Eric Span, this level of quality should be the norm – it’s what everyone should expect. To heal better. Naturally.