Founder – Eric Span

Etheric Skincare was born from a question. How could my mother, a good person that had avoided drinking and smoking, get cancer? How could this happen to someone who dedicated their life to helping others through her work in the public aide office and as an employee of a nursing home? That question led me to investigating the products she used on a daily basis. That investigation led to the discovery of the cost of using man made chemicals on a daily basis. That was when I decided to take matters into my own hands and create healthy organic products that could replace the carcinogen- laced products she was using.

Teaching myself the medicinal capabilities of aromatherapy I created my first product. A soreness and muscle ache relieving oil that brought relief to conditions ranging from carpel tunnel to arthritis. From that product Etheric Skincare has grown into a company dedicated to creating products that alleviate problems ranging from muscle soreness to problem skin. Aromatherapy is about treating the body as a whole and that is our mission.

Having a background in the culinary arts I understood the importance of the interaction between ingredients. The way flavors can marry and create a completely unique and distinct experience. The joy that alchemical process brought me is infused into the products of our brand. Each product is crafted with care and diligence to ensure that it not only makes good on its promised benefits, but it also gives an experience worth remembering.